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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Shut It, Fatty

There once was a knight from Aruba,
Whose body was shaped like a tuba,
He talked trash to the Yanks,
And twice he was spanked,
Have another twinkie, you goober.

The fattest knight in Aruba, Sidney Ponson made some noise yesterday:

Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Sidney Ponson stopped short of declaring a victory over the New York Yankees, the team with the best record in baseball after the Orioles 13-4 demolishing of the Boston Red Sox earlier tonight.

"I was laughing after my last start because I had them in the palm of my hand, leading 3-0 and I wasn't even pitching my best. I really (bleeped) up a chance to beat them. People misinterpreted what I did on the mound and after the mound. I think their pitching is average at best and if we had the money to compete with them, we'd be right there. We have only 6 less wins than them for all their money spent, so what does that say about them? I think I will stymie them today."

Yankees catcher Jorge Posada did not see the same thing as Ponson
"We beat him and his team last week. He has to be able to say what I just said about me and my team next week, otherwise he should shut up."

After last night's game, his line vs New York on the year looks like this:
0-2, 13.07 ERA, 2.57 WHIP, 4 HR allowed.

This guy is crazy.

Anyone hear about the latest board game from Milton Bradley?
It's called "Pin the Five Game Suspension on the Crackhead."


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