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Thursday, July 01, 2004

How Many E's in Yee-Yah?

The Yankees have taken the first two of a three game set from the Red Sox so far, setting up a gargantuan mismatch of Brad Halsey v Pedro Martinez tonight.

The first game was an 11-3 laugher, aided by a dozen Sox errors, and a couple opportunistic bops by the Bombers.

Last night's contest was more of the same but probably more disheartening for the Beantowners, as Wakefield baffled the Yanks through 6 innings before a couple key errors tipped the game to the home team.

All the Moneyball in the world hasn't helped Boston this season, and it seems like amost every good bat in the lineup is playing out of position on defense. Unless OBP and OPS grab a glove and give the Sox a couple extra fielders, it could be a long summer in Red Sox Nation.


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