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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

HR Derby & All Star Game Thoughts

- David Ortiz working the count, playing Moneyball, taking about 28 straight pitches before swinging.

- The 5'9" jackass in a Cubs uniform snagging all the fly balls in the OF, surrounded by about 75 kids under 4'8".

- Pedro braiding Manny's hair on the third base line, while Mrs. Schilling painted his toenails.

- Miguel Tejada attempting to speak english after he won.

- Barry Bonds snatching the Century 21 winner's $250k check, claiming he's owed it for participating.

- The white shoes were money, but the sad thing is that that is the extent of Jeter and A-Rod really being rebellious.

- Man-Ram might be the dumbest nickname ever.

- I like how Piazza spends all of his time telling the press the feud with Roger doesn't matter; he still pissed at himself for wussing out 3 years ago.

- I hear the only reason Jimy Williams was on the field last night is because Bud put the kibosh on 'baseball business' during the All-Star break to prevent his firing.


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