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Friday, July 09, 2004

Loco Fridays

Lots of crazy people coming out of the woodwork today.

John Kruk has another brilliantly written column on ESPN, expounding on the reasons why ex-ballplayers deserve more jobs in the game after retiring.

Gee John, you couldn't possibly be angling for a coaching job yourself, as your ESPN contract won't be renewed if there's anyone with half a brain in Bristol?

Derek bLowe spouts in Boston last night about how people think his pitching problems are mental...for 20 minutes. Sure did a lot to help your cause there buddy.

MLB has resorted to compensating Barry Bonds for missing a day of rest to compete in the Home Run Derby this year. He's also against the idea of batting leadoff, both in the All-Star Game and for the Giants, saying, "I didn't like to lead off when I was doing it in Pittsburgh. I don't get ready that fast. It's too early in the game." Those ten minutes really make that big of a difference I guess...


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