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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Turn, Turn, Turn


So it looks like the Nets are about to trade K-Mart to Denver for a package of picks. I understand the fact they they didn't think Martin's worth a max contract, but you've got a team going deep into the playoffs each year, and you don't get anything of present value for trading your 2nd or 3rd best player? I got a bad feeling ownership is buckling down and not spending any money until the Brooklyn move is finalized. Maybe they'll trade Kidd, and build around RJ and future picks once the big Kittles/Mutombo contracts are off the books?

Shaq is now headed to South Beach, and there's a distinct possibility that Kobe will be heading across town to the Clips this afternoon. If this happens, it will be the biggest mass exodus of talent from a contender since Farley, Myers, and Sandler all left Saturday Night Live in 1995.


Big Unit possibly on the move, with possible destinations being NYY, BOS, CHI-A, CHI-N, ANA. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If either the Yanks or Bosux pick him up, anything other than a World Series title will be a giant, giant disappointment. No one knows who has the upper hand, but the Big Unit's dislike of Mouth Schilling could be a factor:

When asked about the unsuccessful phone calls Schilling made to Johnson's cell phone this week, the left-hander dryly said, "there's a reason why I changed my number."

Seems Mr. Johnson has better taste in clubhouse buddies than he does in haircuts...

In Minor League news, the International League beat the Pacific Coast League in the AAA All-Star Game last night on a 10th-inning walkoff home run by Columbus Clippers (Yankees) 3rd baseman Andy Phillips. Phillips is batting .327, 14, 46 and his middle name is Tradebait.

Bobby Digital

Picked up NCAA Football 2005 for the old Xbox this week, and the game is better than ever. You now have to manage your players' discpline, and can bench starters or suspend them for infractions like skipping class or being too rowdy. I have yet to find the option that allows the coach to party the night before a road game and hit on the opposing school's co-eds. Maybe that's in the hoops version.

Also eagerly awaited is ESPN's football product, coming out in a few weeks. Aside from the fact that TO is on the cover, the game looks pretty sweet, and a bargain at only $20. Being a Giants fan, this game may be my only chance to see my favorite team on the right side of the win column more than a few times this year.


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