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Friday, August 20, 2004

I Got a Better Idea

Drinking turns to thinking and last night I came up with some other alternatives to the current USA Basketball squad...
  • Make a team out of the two 8 Seeds from last year's playoffs: Boston and Denver.
  • The starting 5 from Princeton, their 6th man, and six dudes from the And 1 Mix Tape Tour.
  • Bring back the '92 Dream Team and see how they do.
  • Search the Burger Kings and car rental agencies for twelve of the recent high school kids who applied for the NBA Draft and went undrafted.
  • Just bring twelve swingmen. Oh wait, we pretty much already did that.
  • Michael Phelps at SF- give him a shot at that last gold.
  • Make the best team you can out of the most recent Final Four participants.


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