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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm Damn Bored

It's another one of those days at the office. Not much work to do. I've read every word of every website in my downtime repertoire. And there's still an hour-plus to go until quittin' time...

  • The Giants best option to start the year at quarterback will start his season sitting on the Raider bench. Makes you feel really good about the upcoming season, huh?
  • Does anyone give a shit about men's gymnastics?
  • .317 career hitters should not be laying down sac bunts in the first inning of a ballgame. I'm talking to you, Derek.
  • Nothing says patriotism quite like girls in bikinis hugging each other, does it? Congrats to Walsh and May on winning gold in beach volleyball.
  • If Mike Williams is reinstated before the Tech game this weekend, I honestly can't see the Trojans winning by less than 3 TDs.
  • After a long wait, the new G. Love album hits stores this week. Go get it.
  • I wish Michael Irvin would return to football- we'd all be subjected to a whole helluva lot less of his crackhead shouting on NFL Live and Sportscenter.
  • The Fat Darrell sandwich of Rutgers U wins best sandwich in the country. At least the NJ school can now claim to be #1 in something other than sucking ass in every major Big East sport.
  • At JMU (my alma mater) over the summer, officials found over 50 years of old tests in filing cabinets in a few sorority houses. I can understand 3 or 4 years worth, but 50 is a bit much- I can just see some dumb co-ed writing an essay on how she'll think the cold war will turn out, based off a response made by someone's grandma back in the day.


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