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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Barry Walk-er

As the Giants begin a 3 game series in Milwaukee with Mr. Bonds sitting on 699 homers...would anyone put it past Bud Selig to order his pitchers to pitch around Barry for at least the first two games, leading to increased box office receipts as the anticipation heightens?

Think about it- you have a sellout tonight with the possibility of #700, but if he actually does launch one in the first game, it kinda takes the bloom off the rose (not to mention money out of the bank) for the remaining two games.

Special Guest Blogger

We have a very special guest blogger today, turning the blog into Football Wiseguys for a change: Peter King, of has joined us, so without further adieu...

Flight Check: Week One of the NFL Season

What a week it was around the NFL. We saw the impact of new (old) coaches in Joe Gibbs' return victory in the Nation's Capital, coupled with the high impact debut of Clinton Portis in a Skins uni. The guy traded for young Portis also made a great first impression, as Champ Bailey came up with a nifty INT versus the Chiefs. And with 3 TD catches, T.O. turned heads in Philly, but not as many heads as the daughter of this writer, Mary Beth King, is turning in college up at Colgate this fall. This proud dad installed a tiny webcam in her dorm on move-in day, and I gotta say, she has really been popular so far, judging by the number of young fraternity men who have been paying her visits.

10 Things I Think I Think
  1. I think that if Chad Pennington wore a fur coat to the stadium one week, people might start comparing him to Joe Namath, since he's a young, successful Jets QB.
  2. I think that Kevin Yukklis of the Sox is gonna be a heckuva player, and I can see why Billy Bean wrote about him in his book Moneyball.
  3. I think if Jerry Rice's hairline recedes any further, he'll only have one cornrow left, and it'll look like a Croakies sunglasses strap.
  4. I think that too many Starbucks Double Overhead Cam Mochachino Lattes are the main contributing factor to me passing the 300 pound mark during training camp.
  5. I think Tom Brady is an absolute stud, and if I wasn't postponing coming out of the closet until the girls graduate college and I line them up with cushy jobs at Time Inc., I'd jump his bones in a heartbeat.
  6. I think I'm still sore from just watching that hit the Eagles put on Eli Manning this weekend.
  7. I think Brett Favre should be president of the United States, from the day he retires until the day he dies- he's just that good of a quarterback.
  8. I think that if LaDainian Tomlinson played for a team like the Bears, Giants, or Patriots, and had a normal name, like Peter Tomlinson, he wouldn't be as underrated as he is now.
  9. I think that if Notre Dame wants to have a good season, then they have to keep beating good teams like Michigan, AND not suffer more letdowns like they did at the hands of BYU. Heckuva coach, that Ty Willingham.
  10. I think that it's 1999 again, with Curtin Martin running for 196 yards, and Tiki Barber dropping 125 on the Iggles.
Annoying/Aggravating Travel Note of the Week

Settling in for the redeye from LA to Newark to cover Week 1 of the NFL Season, this guy on my plane is on the phone right up until the plane doors are shut, talking about his mother who is sick in the hospital. This guy is trying to coordinate visiting hours in NJ, from over 3,000 miles away! If that's not rude then I don't know what is. When the doors are about to shut, everyone should be off their phones, unless it's me and I'm talking to Bill Belichick or Brett Favre or maybe Priest Holmes (all of whom I have on my personal speed dial, in case you didn't know.)