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Thursday, October 07, 2004

All Time Awful Yankees Team

Yanks are tied 1-1 in the ALDS heading out to Minny, but there is some talk on the Yankee message boards about Sammy Sosa being traded to NY next year. There is not much merit to this talk, but it was brought up in print by a hack at the Chicago Sun Times today.

I don't really want to talk about the playoffs, because everyone else has done that ad nauseum, so, since it's a slow work day, I'm going to make a list of my all-time sucky Yankees team. I'll limit the timeframe to 1989 onwards, as I was twelve that year, and realizing that not all (or not even many) of the guys in pinstripes were decent players. I'll also limit it to the single worst season a guy had, and they had to be a regular.

Catcher: Bob Geren 1990. Bobby G. hit a whopping .213, 8, 31 in 110 games this year. His OBP of .259 was also a major highlight. He also handled a phenomenal Yankee staff which had no starter with an ERA below 4.00.

1st Base: Tough call here, but I'm going to have to hand it to my favorite player ever, Don Mattingly. His 1990 season was limited to 101 games, and he posted a line of .256, 5, 42, .308. This was obviously a down year for the Hit Man, but it also goes to show just how strong 1B has been for the Yankees in the Donnie-Tino-Giambi era (until this year's mish mash.)

2nd Base: Pat Kelly 1992. Pat batted .226 and scored 38 runs that year, while stealing 8 bases and being gunned down 5 times. And you wonder why these Yankee teams finished 10 games below .500. On an up note, does anyone remember Marian Duncan hitting .340 in 1996? Insane.

Shortstop: Boy 1990 was a bad year, huh? Alvaro Espinoza's .224, 2, 20, .258 and 31 runs scored takes the cake, but anything pre-Jeter was pretty mediocre.

3rd Base: Many people forget that prior to sucking at 2B for the Yanks in 1992, Pat Kelly was equally bad at third in 1991. His .242/.287/.339 line (yes, that's AVG/OBP/SLG folks) made Yankee fans dream of the glory days of Pags's 20 HR/80 RBI seasons.

Left Field: In our first entry from the chamiopnship era, Gerald Williams posted a horrible 1996. 5 dingers, 30 ribbies, and more caught stealings than steals does nothing to help your club, even if they did win their 23rd title.

Center Field: Not many bad seasons in here, but before Bernie, Roberto Kelly played an average to good CF. We'll single out his 1992 line of .272 and 10 homers, which led the trade (even up, I believe!) for Paul O'Neill.

Right Field: Where to begin? Too much money being thrown at too little production for years on end. Jesse Barfield's .240/18/56/122 K's in 1989 wins the prize.

Starter #1: In 1990 (sense a trend) Tim Leary led the staff with a 4.11 ERA, and lost 19 games.

Starter #2:
Hmm, Melido Perez somehow got 25 starts in 1993, with an ERA of 5.19 and a record of 6-14. Go home, loco.

Starter #3: Kenny Rogers stunk up the joint in 1997, posting an ERA of 5.65 and WHIP approaching 1.50.

Starter #4: We all knew David Cone was done by 2000, with his ERA of almost 7! Being 10 games under .500 and having a WHIP of 1.76 can sure be quickly forgotten when your team wins a Subway Series.

Starter #5: Jeff Weaver 2003. The Yanks rally to tie Game 4 of the WS, and hold serve just long enough to give up a gopher ball to Sea Bass in the 12th. Enough said.

Rolaids Relief Man: I don't feel like looking thru all the stats on this one, so I'm going to hand it to a duo of current Yankees: Felix Heredia, for being an albatross to Torre's bullpen, and Steve Karsay, for not having pitched in 2+ years.


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