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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Around the Majors

Cubbies: Latest word out of Chi-town is that Sosa will not be traded and any differences between Sammy and the club are not irreconcilable. What a difference a week makes...

Washington Senaxpos: There's a vote this morning within the city council on whether the proposed ballpark should remain at the Anacostia Waterfront Site (this is the proposal that was in place when MLB awarded DC the team) or near RFK. Mayor Williams is confident he has the votes for the Waterfront. The Nats also cut former closer Rocky Biddle loose yesterday after posting horrific numbers in relief this year. In sunnier news, ticket sales and plans should be announced today and go on sale very shortly, so anyone looking to buy me Xmas presents, please take note.
Evil Empire: New rumors out of the Bronx say that Posada is available for the right price. I understand the knowledge that catchers have steeper and quicker declines at younger ages than other position players, but as we get further and further away from tha lasy Yankee championship, I'm not sure trading a fiery catcher in order to add the mask-wearing pansy catcher of your rival just to stick it to them is the brightest idea. And finally my updated wishlist of FA pitchers to look into: (re-sign Lieber), Pavano, Radke, and sleeper pick Jaret Wright.


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