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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hot Stove Part Uno

I think the Yankees need to try and swing a Kevin Brown for Andruw Jones trade.
Jones is not as good as Beltran but he'll come cheaper and has 3 years left on his deal, as opposed to at least 5 at mega bucks for Beltran; no more long contracts. Mel's not coming back next year, so the Yanks don't have to worry too much about their pitchers getting worse thru coaching over the course of a season.

I can't believe Jason Kendall is only 30, but I still hope the Yanks stay far away from him.

This Sosa thing is getting ugly; I wonder where he'll end up and what kind of production he'll have next year.

In 1989 I won a contest on WABC radio in NY where we got 2 tix to a Sunday Yankee-Ranger game, and for one inning we got to 'broadcast' the game from a fake booth, complete with stats and anecdotes, and they tape you. My dad said he watched the tape last week and it was a riot. The Yanks were absolutely miserable, and Sosa was playing in his 3rd MLB game. My dad did color, while I provided a horrible play by play, consisting mainly of, "And the pitch" over and over again.


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