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Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday Chatter

A bit of a break from baseball this morning...

Eli Manning started his Giants career for real yesterday in a 14-10 loss to Atlanta. Manning was pretty bad in the 1st half, but much much better in the second. If not for a ton of dropped passes (anyone know if that's an actual stat and where I can find it) by Shockey and Co., and a bullshit roughing the Vick-er penalty that clearly showcased the NFL's version of the Jordan Rules, the Giants would have had a good shot to win the game.

I have nothing productive to say about The Brawl that hasn't already been written, but can I just say that while outrageous and bad for the league, it sure as hell made for good television. I watched yesterday's 4pm NFL games in a bar, and FOX repeatedly showed clips of the fight, to the delight of the cheering mob.


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