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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ms. Kropp, Expos(e) Yourself

Linda Kropp knew she didn't have the votes yesterday to move the proposed stadium to near RFK, so she did what any good politician would do: Drop a tantalizing (but likely false) hint about private investors who're just dying to drop $350 mil on a new stadium, and put any decisions off for another day. The Sports Reporters on 980AM last night were discussing just who might have these types of funds in the DC area that would be likely to invest in a stadium. I have my suspects too:
  • Dan Snyder: The Danny has plenty of dough and an ego to match. Perhaps he's jealous of Abe Pollin's ownership ties in the DC area, and he too wants to own two crappy franchises rather than just the Redskins.
  • Michael Jordan: MJ is a very rich man. MJ doesn't like to be out of the spotlight. MJ may want to come back to DC to continue wrecking Kwame Brown's life. MJ is due for another comeback and realizes that .202 hitting outfielders don't get benched if they own the stadium.
  • George W. Bush: Now that that pesky election thing is out of the way, Bush can go back to concentrating on things that matter, like the war on terrorism and the fact that even in Marine One, it's a bitch to get to Camden Yards during rush hour. So why not (make Halliburton) build a stadium for the people? (And if he trades Termel Sledge, hope his future career resembles the 2004 Sammy Sosa rather than the 1998 version.)


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