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Friday, November 12, 2004

Yay, Monopoly!

In major news today, the Exposenators have announced that they have chosen Ticketmaster to be their official ticket retailer, and that season ticket deposits will go on sale next Thursday, November 18th.
The anticipated sales schedule will be patterned after those of other Major League franchises, starting with season ticket sales, followed by mini-plans and single game seats. Seating configuration and pricing structure are still in development, with average ticket prices expected to range from $24 to $26 and reserved seats starting as low as $7.

$7 bleacher seats ain't too bad, until you factor in Ticketmaster's obscene 'handling and bullshit' charges, which can sometimes effectively double the price of cheap seats. Let's use another local example. Say for instance I wanted to go see the Wizards play the Bulls on Saturday 12/4 (remember folks, this is an extremely hypothetical situation. the outrageous prices are the only real item here. if I wanted to see shitty hoops, I'd go down to the illegal immigrant playgroun in my neighborhood.) The end cost of buying two $10 nosebleed seats works out to $33.95 after the following add-ons: $3.85 per ticket 'convenience charge', $2.75 per ticket 'order processing charge', and $3.50 delivery charge, a total of a 70% marukp.

Rant ended.

Team president Tony Taveres has this to say about the tickets:

Tavares said the team will not sell out the entire stadium with season tickets.

"You've got to be available to everybody," Tavares said. "One of the things in sports that has evolved and become more prominent is the exclusion factor. We want to be accessible. We want to be affordable, and we think, with tickets as low as $7, we will be. We're in the business of building a fan base here, not extorting money from people."

No shit! You mean a crappy retrofitted MLB stadium and it's marginal team won't be selling over 43,000 season ticket plans? How generous of them!


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