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Thursday, December 02, 2004


So last night a 'story' that we've expected for months finally broke. Giambi admitted in front of a grand jury that he did in fact use steroids at various times in the past. This firmly entrenches Jason as the poster boy for 'roid use in the go from a .330 hitter to .208 in such a short time is stunning, especially for someone with as good of a batting eye as he has. We'll have to see what the Yankees' stance on this is, but I don't think trying to void his contract would be a good move, because what if more players are exposed down the line? Guys like Sheffield or Cairo or whatever- the Yankee brass does not want to put itself in the position that says, "We do not condone steroid use, but if you are productive you will still have a place on the team." Not a good message to send to future free agents. The best thing for the Yanks to do is just limit his playing time and hope he either starts to produce again if the talent is there, or retires and fades into Bolivian.

And just to be sadistic, here's an '05 projection for Giambi based on my (not yet patented) 3 parts 2004, 2 parts 2003, 1 part 2002 formula. Not bad for $15 million, huh?

Giambi02 155 560 176 120 41 122 112 109 .435 .598 1.033
Giambi03 156 535 134 97 41 107 140 129 .412 .527 .939
Giambi04 80 264 55 33 12 40 62 47 .342 .379 .721
Proj05 118 404 102 69 27 76 96 85 .381 .465 .846

In other Yankee news, it seems Jeter wouldn't exactly welcome Pedro into the clubhouse with open arms. For someone who spends so much time cultivating his image to be almost as bland and non-confrontational as possible, this is quite a statement. (I also happen to agree with him.)

Big Unit talks may be tabled for now, according to news reports. Arizona's demands seemed to be climbing higher every day, so they Yankees must either be really frustrated enough to call it off, or are confident that no one else will swoop in and grab RJ before the D-Backs start to sweat too much about paying him big bucks next year.

Kenny Lofton to Philly for Felix Rodriguez? Do it.

Not much news here lately. I'm not big on getting into the politics of the whole stadium deal; I prefer to deal more with the on-field product. With Paul Wilson having signed back with Cincy, Bowden will now turn his eye towards other mid-level free agent starters. I really hope that either Odalis Perez or Jaret Wright are in a Nats uniform this year. Both are fairly young and could pay big dividends without a major investment. Perez's stock dropped like a rock after his playoff performance, so now might be the time to jump at him.


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