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Friday, December 10, 2004

Hot Dog Fingers


A random steroid question that's been bothering me:

So BALCO comes up with 2 ways to take THG, orally via the clear, and topically via the cream.

This is a steroid, right? It builds your muscles up faster than people should be allowed to, right?

So do they rub the cream on their muscles with their bare hands? If so, shouldn't we be looking for sluggers whose fingers have 'biceps' between each knuckle? I'm talking big, gigundo, ripped digits?

Or is there maybe some skinny BALCO peon that did it for them, and all the thanks he gets is some autographs and an inability to dial a cell phone due to his huge hot dog fingers?

1-AA Does it the Right Way

JMU vs W&M tonight...wet weather in Williamsburg, as expected. Pound it on the ground, Madison.



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