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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Wednesday Round-up

Never Trust a Politician

Looks like the Nats move to DC is in serious jeopardy at the moment. The DC council met Tuesday to approve legislation that would allow a ballpark to be built for the Exposenators. And it was approved, but not before Linda Cropp added in a stipulation that half of the money for the new park would have to come from private financing. That would be all well and good, if MLB had known about this in September, when Mayor Williams brought baseball to the city under entirely different pretenses. Bud and Co. are going to be pissed off, and rightly so, enough that they could go find another city for the Nats to play in after the 2005 season. The scheduled jersey unveiling that was to take place today at ESPN Zone has been postponed, most likely so MLB can regroup and decide just how to respond to this traveshamockery.

DC now has until June to find private financers to cover half the stadium cost. This is a serious setback, and even if Mayor Williams is able to find some backers, MLB may take revenge on the city and decide to move on once again.

Here's a sneak preview of your jerseys folks. Buy them now; they're sure to be a collector's item when the Nats become the [Insert City Here] Gypsies in 2006.

Yanks-Sox Rivalry News

A lot to catch up on in the AL East Arms Race these past few days...

Red Sox + Wells - Pedro + mystery SP = ???

Yanks + Wright + Pavano - Lieber = ???

Pedro to the Mutts is a huge blow to the Sox for '05 and possibly '06, but their fiscally responsible ways helped the team to avoid a long term nightmare, should Petey's shoulder start to break down. They are now scrambling to find another frontline starter, with possibilities ranging from AJ Burnett to Tim Hudson. Clement is looking at the D-Backs, so Boston may have to really open up the wallet to grab him quickly.

Where the hell is Arizona getting all this money to sign free agents? Are they banking on trading RJ to NY, or do they simply think that since they're already bankrupt they may as well go down in flames? Hopefully it's the former, and the Yanks can pick him up cheaply if they panic closer to spring training.


JMU's Dukes head to Chattanooga to take on Montana in the 1-AA championship game this Friday night, televised live on NESN3. It should be a tough game, as Montana will be heavily favored. But hopefully the fact that the 21,000 seat stadium is located much closer to JMU's fanbase than Montana's will give them a bit of a homefield edge.

Both teams sports identical 12-2 records, and each got revenge last week for one of their regular season losses, JMU beating William & Mary handily 48-34, while the Grizzlies took down Sam Houston State 34-13. The Dukes are one of only a few teams in 1-AA history to reach the title game by winning three straight on the road.

I don't have time to spew tons of stats, so if anyone is interested, a 61 page PDF of Game Notes is available here.

Once again, all I have to say is GO DUKES!


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